The Army made a uniformed appearance at the Innsworth Lodge Meeting on 27 April 2019, when Bros Tony Horsburgh and Jason Marshall (Royal Agricultural Lodge 7694), who are serving in the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC), came to welcome a colleague to Masonry.

As Innsworth Lodge is a Service Lodge, the wearing of uniform in Lodge is always an option, and this occasion was the initiation of a member of the RLC – Bro Davidson Edward.

The photograph, taken at the Festive Board, shows Bro Davidson with WBro Roly Rogers (Parachute Regiment) and Bros Tony and Jason in RLC uniform

WBro Rogers (also from Royal Agricultural Lodge 7694) responded to the Toast to the Visitors in true Service style – donning his para’s kit and Red Beret, he made the most of the opportunity to thank the RAF for letting him jump out of perfectly serviceable aircraft.