September 2020 marks the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and Innsworth Lodge (8751), which was founded as a Royal Air Force Lodge, has marked this notable Anniversary despite the limitations of Covid 19, which have forced the cancellation of the September Meeting.

At the annual Lodge September Meeting, the nearest meeting to the commemoration of the Battle of Britain, the WM would normally read “The Wreath” from the Lodge By-laws.  This reading is to remember “The Few”, and “The Many” that supported them both in the Service and in the Community at large. The Brethren would normally stand to show respect for “Departed Merit”.

Here is the explanation of “The Wreath” found on the Innsworth badge as described in the Lodge By-laws:

“Among the thousands who serve and have served in the Royal Air Force, and its predecessors: The Royal Flying Corps and The Royal Naval Air Service, are many of all races and nationalities, and the legions who subscribe to the Masonic Line and Rule are no less numerous or varied. Royal Air Force insignia include a wreath. Here it is superimposed on the roundel and is a reminder of departed merit, of the sacrifices made in the cause of duty and of that spirit and devotion still shewn by airmen of all ranks which was so brilliantly exemplified by “The Few”.

“The Wreath” pays homage to the young pilots of the RAF who lived, fought and died in a campaign that became Britain’s first major victory of the Second World War.

The WM (Bryan Roberts) proposed that the Brethren of Innsworth Lodge should, therefore, remember “The Few”, and also “The Many”, and raise a glass  at either 17:15 (when they would have honoured those departed) or at 21:00, the usual Masonic time for remembering “Absent Friends”.  The Brethren were asked to take a selfie with a glass (and/or model plane or other such token) so that a commemorative montage tribute could be published by the Lodge.

The following montage has been produced by Innsworth Lodge as a tribute to “The Few” and “The Many”: