The Provincial Grand Master, RW.Bro Desmond Hubert Thomas Henderson-Ross, made his first visit to Innsworth Lodge (8751) on 22 April 17, at the Gloucester Masonic Hall.  To mark the occasion, he was presented with an Innsworth Lodge brandy glass and a pair of Innsworth Lodge cufflinks by the WM W.Bro David Wood.

This was the 212th Meeting of the Lodge and the business included the Initiation of Bro Kit Reynolds, whom the PGM made a point of welcoming to Freemasonry.


Innsworth Lodge, a member of the Circuit of Service Lodges, was originally founded to provide a Masonic Home for serving and retired brethren of the Royal Air Force in the Gloucester area. The Lodge badge, which can be seen on the glass (and is also shown in colour above), includes the RAF roundel, eagle, wreath and astral crown, as well as the familiar Masonic VSL, Square and Compass and “All-seeing eye”.