new_logo copyI want to take this opportunity to publicise, on the Innsworth Lodge website, a report in the local media on 17 February 2013.  The report gave well-deserved publicity to the Provincial Grand Master’s Gloucestershire Charities Appeal – to which Innsworth Lodge has made a creditable contribution over the last 5 years.  The article included the following comments which I think are worth repeating:

The Freemasons of Gloucestershire have been raising funds over the last five years to create a huge pot of cash they can use to support good causes across the county.  The total amount raised will be announced on 23 February, and it is expected to be more than £1 million.  Individual members of the organisation raised the money themselves with help from family and friends.

Adrian Davies, the Provincial Grand Master for Gloucestershire, said: “Charitable giving has always been a cornerstone of Freemasonry, which is based on the principles of thoughtfulness for others, kindness, honesty, courtesy and fairness in all things.  I am tremendously proud of the membership for their support to this appeal, a magnificent sum which will, for future years, benefit many of our local charities and worthy causes.”

It is not well known by the general public that Freemason groups are one of the largest charitable givers in the UK, with a combined average of around £30 million donated each year to both local and international good causes; publicity such as this can only be constructive and encouraging for our charitable efforts.

Tom Robson, Charity Steward, Innsworth Lodge 8751