Innsworth Brethren from L to R – WBro Bob Coombes, WBro Bill Beedie, WBro Keeble-Buckle, WBro Ron Brooke, WM of Thorton & Cleveleys Lodge, WBro John Lewis, WBro Brian Ashworth and WBro Tom Robson

On 19 Oct 2012 a party of 8 Brethren from the Innsworth Lodge (8751) made a fraternal visit to the Thornton & Cleveleys Lodge (3854) near Blackpool, West Lancs.  Previously, two Brethren from that Lodge had visited Innsworth Lodge and suggested a return visit to the far North.

The worthy travellers were: WBros Brian Ashworth, Bill Beedie, Ron Brooke, Bob Coombes, John Keeble-Buckle, John Lewis, Bro Chris Paisley and WBro Tom Robson.  Arrangements for the visit were co-ordinated at the Blackpool end by Bro Mark Tomlinson, a former serving member of the RAF.

The Innsworth masons were most comfortably accommodated in the Briardene Hotel, not far from the Masonic Hall, and, before the Meeting, they strolled through the land of pies and rock for a mandatory ice cream on the front!  The ice creams went down a bomb – particularly Bill Beedie’s; he dropped it! (It was, however, swiftly replaced to prevent tears!)

The Lodge Travellers following the “Ice Cream” Incident

WBro John Lewis “volunteered” to act as the Candidate for a Second Degree demonstration.  He just made the grade and the ritual was thoroughly enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

At the Festive Board, after the delicious pie, chips and mushy peas, Thornton & Cleveley Lodge members demonstrated their choral expertise with some songs unfamiliar to Innsworth ears, and the Innsworth team introduced their hosts to Gloucestershire “Masonic Fire”, previously unheard in Blackpool.

WBro John Keeble-Buckle presented a set of Innsworth “Wings” to Bro Mark Tomlinson and the visitors were surprised and delighted to all receive souvenir cufflinks specially produced to commemorate the occasion.

Brethren of both Lodges agreed that the fraternal visit had been most enjoyable and that it could be repeated some time in the future.  In fact, four members of the Thornton & Cleveleys Lodge will be visiting Innsworth at their November 2012 Meeting.

All in all, a very pleasant time was had by everyone!